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Register machine

The register machine is a very handy computability concept. It was developed by Prof. Dr. Dieter Rödding, then director of the Department for Mathematical Logic and Foundational Research, University of Münster, who created it based on already existing concepts. Prof. Dr. Elmar Cohors-Fresenborg, then director of the Institute for Cognitive Mathematics, University Osnabrück, extended the register machine by introducing sub-programs. These proved very useful in practice when illustrating recursive processing or when introducing functions in school.

At the University of Cologne, students studying to become teachers (primary school, SEKI, special needs education) get to know the concept of the register machine as part of their mathematics and computer science fundamentals. From a mathematics / computer science educational stand point it is significant that both the register machine and recursion are concepts that are easily understood functional-logically but not predicative-logically.

Register machines with JavaScript

This software has been developed in the workgroup Cognitive Mathematics / Computer Science with major contributions by Steffen Vogel.
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