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Building virtual Dynamic Labyrinths

With the virtual version of the Dynamic Labyrinths you can build Dynamic Labyrinths on the computer — from simple static to complex computational networks.
Dynamic Labyrinths are known in the literature on computability as Rödding-Netze (Rödding networks). It can be proven that this concept of an automaton is aquivalent to other computationally universal concepts like the register machine. In principle, a Dynamic Labyrinth can be constructed for every computable function.

Dynamic Labyrinths in JavaScript

This software has been developed in the workgroup Cognitive Mathematics / Computer Science with major contributions by Steffen Vogel.
Please send feedback regarding the content to Prof. Dr. Inge Schwank and feedback regarding the software to Steffen Vogel.

The software runs in most modern browsers with enabled JavaScript.

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