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Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of early mathematical and computer science based education for children, especially in the areas of early arithmetic and basic algorithmic concepts. Therefore, the focus is a basic understanding of numbers, counting and arithmetic operations. Numbers cannot be reduced to their words or symbols, so an understanding of number processing is important. For instance, counting up is paralleled by moving forwards; similarly, counting down corresponds to moving backwards within appropriate mathematical and computer science based game settings. After successfully explaining these relationships to children, they gain a solid understanding of counting and arithmetic operations.

To achieve these goals, we perform fundamental research in areas of predicative-logical and functional-logical reasoning. In the game, we develop and test game settings that allow children a playful, direct and number-based experience through the use of counters. Additionally, we provide workshops for those who foster young children in their mathematical and computer science based understanding. Thus, they are able to profit from our research results.

For additional information have a look at our websites or contact Prof. Inge Schwank, our scientific director.